Dance Like Dynamite “This Funeral Is Sold Out” CD

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01 Destruction Time Construction Time

02 Radio Desperation

03 Erotic Intelligence

04 Nothing Left But Nothing

05 No One Knows I Used To Use You

06 Have A Nice Death

07 Tempt Me /I Woke Up Crying/

08 Handsome Corpses

09 Zdrada

bonus EP „Dying In Slow Motion”

10 Just One Kiss

11 Scopes

12 Love Is Like Cocaine

13 One Poison Is Not Enough

Krzysztof Mikołaj Sadowski – vocal /Vulgar/

Piotr Pawłowski – bass /Made In Poland, Shipyard/

Mariusz Noskowiak – drums /Blenders, Vulgar/

Tomasz „Snake” Kamiński /Golden Life, Doda/


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