Lost Tribe “Solace” LP

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“Hailing from some dark corner in Richmond, Virginia, where deathrock, post-punk and goth rock meet, Lost Tribe returns ready to shake up the blackest side of the musical spectrum with Solace, a new 8-track vinyl that is definitely going to push them out from the shadow cast – though they’re already quite well-known by worldwide mohicans, black leather dressed melomaniacs. Four years have passed since the band’s demo tape The Dawn came out and during that time they’ve managed to polish their particular crossover style, 80s mirrored but undeniably up-to-date and bold to set them apart from their merely retro contemporaries.” – See more at: http://terrarelicta.com/index.php/reviews/all-reviews/3805-lost-tribe-solace-2014-review#sthash.UenipQMB.dpuf


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