Lust For Youth “Growing Seeds” LP

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Lust For Youth is the solo moniker of Swedish electronic musician, Hannes Norrvide. He began the project in 2009, in Gothenburg, Sweden at Utmarken (a rehearsal space, record shop, and venue). He was inspired by friends of his who were starting a post-punk band but at the time he only had an old toy keyboard. Therefore, the earliest incarnation of the band manifested as sort of primitive drone versions of synth-pop.

Some of the original versions of the songs on Growing Seeds were written during the summer of 2011, recorded in Hannes’ bedroom on his computer and using borrowed equipment from his roommate. He did everything himself except the mastering which was handled by Viktor Ottosson (Street Drinkers, Järtecknet). Four of the songs ended up on a cassette on Posh Isolation released in 2011. Shortly after that he began writing new songs and re-working some of the pieces during last fall and then recorded them in January/February 2012. He also made the move from Gothenburg to Copenhagen this year and eloquently points out the main difference between Lust For Youth and the power- electronics, noise scene of Posh Isolation/Copenhagen is Lust For Youth is “less noise and more drums.” Loke Rahbek of the Posh label, Sexdrome and Vår is now a collaborator of Hannes’ on this project and has been playing live with him in Europe throughout the last year. The album itself Hannes describes as having the theme of a new life; coming out of an unhealthy relationship and being inspired by new love and the energy that creates. Originally released in Europe by the Italian label Avant!, Growing Seeds is now widely available on CD and LP for the first time.


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