Soccer Team “Real Lessons In Cynicism” LP

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12″ LP

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Soccer Team is the work of Ryan Nelson and Melissa Quinley. Ryan has also played with the Routineers, the Most Secret Method, and Beauty Pill.

The songs on Soccer Team’s debut record were primarily recorded to 8-track 1/4″ tape and/or 4-track cassette by Ryan in his basement in Washington, D.C. The songs are a result of desultory late nights, Ryan’s gifted, unfailing profusion of ideas and sounds, and Melissa’s occasionally obdurate 2¢.

Although principally a recording project, Soccer Team does perform live from time to time. The first incarnation of the live band was a trio that featured Justin Moyer (Supersystem, Antelope) on drums. In 2013, guitarist Jason Hutto (The Aquarium, Motorcycle Wars) and drummer Dennis Kane began performing with the band.


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