Steel Pole Bath Tub “Tulip” LP

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12″ LP

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Tulip is STEEL POLE BATH TUB at their best. A twisted noir detective story on a bad acid trip, it’s sonically unrelenting, filled with foreboding and it unfolds over repeated listens. There is darkness here. A psychedelic juggernaut of careening guitar slammed up against a wall of brutal bass and punctuated by the bash and crash of toms and cymbals all with an eerie soundscape exploded over the top. This transcendent noise was on Steve Albini’s “A List” in 1991 and it still feels fresh and avant.   “Tulip’s highlights—’Mercurochrome,’ ‘Soul Cannon,’ ‘Sister,’ ‘One Thick Second,’ and especially ‘The Scarlet’—announced a noise rock band that brought something new and worthwhile to the table.”—Andrew Earles, Gimme Indie Rock : 500 Essential American Underground Rock Albums 1981-1996.


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