77tm „Spam” 12″

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Black vinyl.
Limited to 250 copies.
Includes A2 full color poster

1. Intro
2. In Color
3. Hello Zero
4. She Likes To Watch You
5. This City
6. She Likes To Watch You (Millimetric RMX)
7. She Likes To Watch You (The Horrorist RMX)
8. She Likes To Watch You (Das Kombinat RMX)

Arising from the underground of Neukölln in Berlin, this Polish-Danish duo brings pulsating beats and bass lines together with vintage synthesizers and analog drum machines, as well as self-customized and bended low-bit instruments. 77™ takes a conceptually different approach to each release, which usually is visually supported by experimental videos/animations.

Their remix for Millimetric’s “Negative Leaders” EP has been released on Space Factory Records.


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