Are We Electric? „novoc” LP (Kopia)

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2/3 of Buzz Rodeo played in this band.

„ If ever a band could be described as a power trio, the designation would fit Are We Electric? perfectly. This German bass/drums/guitar unit clobbers the hell out of their respective instruments (and their listeners) for a solid half hour, never letting up. Each song is a madcap dash for some mythical destination with the players sideswiping, spearing and gouging one another’s eyes out with such fervor that they rarely reach the end of the proverbial rainbow. AWE’s barbaric, self-destructive tendencies both make and break NoVoc. Even the most grizzled post-hardcore junkie can’t argue with their trebly instrumental onslaughts. Crisp engineering insures that each note punctures the flesh (the bass tone is particularly deadly), and for all of their angularity, the band never gets so bogged down in mathy see-sawing that they come off as cold or mechanical. This is not one of those “you really have to seem ‘em live to get it” acts – their cock-tastic air raids will come across loud and clear on your home speakers. Phillip Buchan
lost at, 2005



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