Faust „Od Serca Do Duszy” 2LP

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Long out of print, this album documents a professionally recorded live show at Krakow’s Loch Ness Club.

„As anybody who has seen Faust live, in their countless different yet always wonderful forms, can testify, they’re already such a musical high all other stimulants aren’t necessary. Nothing against stimulants in all their weird ‚n’ wonderful forms, either.

Whatever, this remastered reissue once again illuminates the residual experience of a Faust concert in all its expectation-scrunching glory. Comprising the thirteen songs that constituted the original show, this set was produced by founders Jean-herve Peron and Zappi Diermaier, plus Amaury Cambuzat. Together they dovetail perfectly with one of Jhp’s mantras during the occasion, „Od serca do duszy”.

This translates from Polish to, „From heart to soul”, which just about covers one of the many facets to Faust’s incredible music, torn as it is itself into many shapes yet always at its core firmly defiant and celebratory.”


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