Giuda „Speaks Evil” LP

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Limited edition orange vinyl, gatefold

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Uberrock about this album:

Ever wondered what you’d get if you took some of the best bits from 70s glam song writing sensations Chinn & Chapman’s repertoire, beefed them up a bit with some Slade riffs, added some Glitter Band floor tom beats and delivered it all with just a soupcon of early day AC/DC street cool? Well, look no further than ‘Speaks Evil’ the third long player from Italian rockers Giuda (pronounced JEW-DA) for the answer, because this ten tracker is pretty much all this and a whole lot more besides.


Getting straight down to business I’d actually say forget lead track ‘Roll The Balls’, which coincidently also opens ‘Speaks Evil’, it’s a decent enough intro that’s for sure but things really start to hot up when we tear headlong into ‘It Ain’t Easy’, a track that Noddy Holder could have been screaming his lungs out over during the early seventies. Yes, it kind of sounds like ‘Take Me Back ‘Ome’ but who’s actually writing songs this catchy these days? Giuda that’s who, and if you like ‘It Ain’t Easy’ then wait until you hear ‘My Lu’, this is a song that will have you clapping your hands and stamping your feet make no mistake.


Having found ‘Let’s Do It Again’, Giuda’s second record, to be a little like ‘Racy Roller Pt. II’, it’s refreshing to hear that with a new record label (the recently resurrected Burning Heart) also comes a welcome spin on a songwriting formula that really only needed tweaking here and there anyway. So where as tracks like ‘Wild Tiger Woman’ and ‘Yellow Dash’ might have had you standing on the edge of the local coffee bar dancefloor with your thumbs tucked in your belt loops just waiting to let loose, the simply awesome ‘Bad Days Are Back’ and the thundering ‘Working Class Man’ will soon have you going full pelt at that awful dance Mud came up with for ‘Tiger Feet’.


The AC/DC influence I alluded to earlier is not just apparent in the new image Tenda and the boys are sporting on the cover of ‘Speaks Evil’, it’s also there for all to hear during the explosive ‘You Can Do Everything’, the pounding ‘Mama Got The Blues’ and the totally left of field album closer ‘Bonehead Waltz’, a track that could very easily have been an outtake from the ‘Dirty Deeds….’ album.


I will admit that it took me a few listens to fully get ‘Speaks Evil’, but once it had started to worm its way into my life, Scorpions reissues aside, it’s all I’ve played this past few weeks, and, if there is a better glam pop track than ‘Joolz’ out there right now then please point me in the direction of it, because this track really is a world class glam anthem.


By championing ‘Speaks Evil’ I guess I could be accused of being a hypocrite as nothing here is new or ground-breaking, something we are always quick to level as a criticism of the big boys doing this type of thing, but you know what, Giuda remind me of a superb band called Randy (who coincidently were also signed to Burning Heart), and it was only because people didn’t take a punt on them that they were allowed to disappear into obscurity….and I for one will not let that happen again.


I’m proud to say “I’m a Giuda fan”, and once you get to hear ‘Speaks Evil’ you will be too.


This record really is supersonic!



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