Hoover „Lurid Traversal Of Route 7” LP

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in the 1990s HOOVER became a hit with a newer generation of Washington DC punks and with a non-stop touring schedule the word quickly spread. The band would record an album, The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 or Dischord with GEOFF TURNER at WGNS studios, but, in keeping with the DC tradition, in 1994 after two short years the band broke up. Hoover has re-united several times over the years and bandmembers went on to play in JUNE OF 44, REGULATOR WATTS, and THE BOOM among others. This reissued edition of The Lurid Traversal of Route 7 (on green vinyl) was re-cut at Chicago Mastering Service from the original tapes and features an free MP3 Download coupon.


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