Lardo „Gunmetal Eyes” LP

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Chicagos new noise rock. While officially starting in 2013, the seeds of Lardo began with a one-off band featuring Nick Minor and Brian Pennington back in 2010. The two Chicago-based musicians stayed in touch with hopes of future collaboration, though that only happened years later when Brian placed an online ad looking for a band to play his somewhat novel ‚synth guitar’ in. Nick responded and suggested bringing Jim Duffy into the fold: not only a sought after live and session drummer with dozens of projects under his belt, but a frequent bandmate of Nick’s dating back over 10 years. The trio slowly coalesced and booked a recording session before even playing out. Engineer Jon San Paolo from Electrical Audio was employed to record the band’s early songs in a live, minimal overdub fashion. The band played shows here and there, but the early emphasis was more about their own creative fulfillment. Another batch of songs was written and then recorded with San Paolo again at the end of 2014.

150 gram black vinyl with hand screened covers on French Paper.


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