Lassigue Bendthaus „Matter” 2CD

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Lassigue Bendthaus is the project started by Uwe Schmidt, aka Atom™, back in the late 80s. In 1988 he recorded a demo tape entitled “The Engineer’s Love” but it was two years later when the first official single “Automotif” was released and soon after the debut album “Matter”. Musically somewhere between late industrial and Electronic Body Music, yet already anticipating Acid and Techno, this production managed to cause quite a stir due to its advanced production technique on one hand and its well defined artistic direction on the other. None knew back then, that up until today, Atom™ would add another 200+ releases to that first album and take us on a roller coaster ride of styles, techniques and musical universes. He has been making music under a lot of different monikers including Atom Heart and Señor Coconut.

This new edition of “Matter” includes all original tracks plus the singles “Automotif”, “Hertz” and some previously unreleased and rare remixes. A total running time of 121 minutes.

Everything restored and remastered from the original tapes by Atom™.



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