Love 666 „Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock” LP

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12″ LP

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A.V. Club about this album:

The previous physical manifestation of Love 666, American Revolution, was a bigger-than-life noise-fest preaching violent overthrow of everything society holds dear. It was cartoonish, it lacked subtlety, and it rocked to hell’s roots. With that in the band’s past, it’s more difficult to make sense of Love 666’s new album.Please Kill Yourself So I Can Rock is the low-rider to American Revolution‚s Sherman tank. The members still treat their instruments like chopping blocks, but they’ve turned down the volume and given themselves over to melodies and acid-rock excess. There is still little in the realm of musical complexity, but Love 666 maintains requisite intensity and dissonance. Less anger, more free love: like Jesus and Mary Chain if it were actually as scary as it thinks it is. Heavy fuzz, light content, great title, we have a winner.



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