Lust For Youth „Solar Flare” CD

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Lust for Youth make music that sounds very old. Solar Flare is throwback to the days when industrial sounded like smokestacks and factories. A repetitive metal drone that hammers into the psyche. The Swedish duo know how to do it, and it is a welcome sound, as it is devoid of the EBM trappings that have plagued industrial since the days of “Sensoria.” Oddly enough, it is early Cabaret Voltaire that this album most closely resembles.  The redundant beats. The tinny Scratch Perry dub. The off kilter apathetic Mallander-esque vocals.  OnSolar Flare the synths are merely an afterthought, hiding somewhere in the background of  an empty and hollow noise. This is is the music of an analog future, and the strange part is it still sounds quite futuristic.  The blue collar depression resonates today and reminds one that the early music of Sheffield was an observation of the true future of a culture obsessed with mass production and consumption. It is odd to realize that this has become its own sort of neo-folk music by now. Tracks like “Solar Flare,” “Red Lights”  and “Black Death” save the record from sounding overly tributary. Similar to Hype Williams in vibe, these songs are wrecked lo-fi disco. A mutant dance that sounds as if it is coming out of a transistor radio from across the street.  A sort of slow rave that burns into your bloodstream like a pile of pill just starting to take their effects. In a wave of 80’s revivalist, Lust for Youth rise above the norm. It seems that rather than simply copy, they have digested and synthesized. They have attempted to create their own vision of post-apocalyptica, borrowing heavily on the past but with their cold eyes set intently on the future… and the future doesn’t look too good from where they are standing.


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