Natural Assembly „Arms Of Departure” mLP

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mini LP na 33 obroty, insert

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Natural Assembly is a new two piece dark synth-wave group from London, UK, consisting of J.Cannon & Z.Zsigo. Since the first demo tape released in 2011, when the band was Jesse’s solo project, a few limited cassettes have emerged. The sound is somehow similar to what our comrades Lust For Youth and Contrepoison offer, still these guys have developed their own version of what we like to call industrial synth-pop, with Arms of Departure being the first major work. Influenced by Front 242 and New Order, pounding drum machines sustain liquid synthesizer melodies and reverberated vocals beat until decay. Six tunes to mark a personal debut that will be the perfect soundtrack for your last days on Earth.

Comes on 33rpm black vinyl with insert.


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