OTPMD ‘The Thing that everything else is about’ LP

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12″ LP

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Swiss dada-ist/No wave orchestra that brings out the best in wo/man. Liz Moscarola: violon-voice, Anne Cardinaud: marimba-percussions, Seth Bennet: trombone, Wilf Plum: drums, Maël Salettes: guitar, Vincent Bertholet: doublebass. past: Julien Israelian, Guillaume Lantonnet : drums, Yohan Fievet : marimba, Séni: trombone, Titi, Guillaume Fernez: guitar

Check their myspace site for tour info. Here is a review of a show in manchester in july 2010.

Tracks: R Mutt, Elephants, Misteriosa furiosa, Left hand, Mick, Aka, Ulrike, 49, Blood pumps & buds, Yawn, Going home


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