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The whole idea of Planet B was never thought out and in retrospect ended up happening due to some interesting events, opportunities, and situations that presented themselves over a long period of time. San Diego is a small city so it makes sense that Luke Henshaw and I would have crossed paths quite some time ago, and it was only a matter of time until we would end up working together. He and I come from slightly different musical backgrounds but share so much of the same ideas, morals, and ethics. In the early 10’s I was asked to act in the film Incompresa, and before I was flown to film my scenes, part of what I had to prepare was a song that had a time specific feel as well as something to match my character. I needed to do something that seemed fitting for the 80’s when the film takes place. It was simple, and had little instrumentation. Of course I hit up my musical soul mate, Gabe Serbian, to work on a track with me. The instrumentation was vocals, bass, and drums. We knocked out two tracks and asked Luke if we could jump in his studio and work on the material for the film. Fast forward a few months, I went to Italy to film my scenes and the music we put together for the film fit perfectly. It was when I was there one night after filming that I asked Asia Argento, the director, if I could work on the score as well, beyond the two tracks that Gabe and I wrote. It was agreed upon that we could immediately start working on stuff to contribute to the film, which was what really put Luke and myself in the studio. The three of us starting putting material together instantly and submitted a good portion of the score in the coming months.

After Incompresa wrapped, there ended up being a slight void in what Luke and I had been doing, so we simply pushed ahead, working on material for ourselves, which lead to us creating Planet B as a band. In among me touring with Retox and Dead Cross, I would constantly find myself in the studio with Luke working on material. All of that time amounts to what Planet B is now. We knocked out a self-titled 7″ single, a split 7″ single with Invisibl Skratch Piklz, and a handful of remixes and random recording projects with people like Adam Gnade. We also managed to collaborate with some of our close friends on our own songs, that were set to appear on our debut album. It only made sense to have people like Sonny Kay, Joseph Karam, and Martin Atkins on the album. Luke and I were dead set on creating something new in our collective lives that would challenge both of us. We knew there was an alternative to the musical world we lived in, and I guess that meant creating another planet.



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