Survival Knife „Survivalized” 12″

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SURVIVAL KNIFE started out with a whalloping 1-2 punch of singles on Kill Rock Stars and Sub Pop last year. Hot off the heels of their blistering full length (Loose Power), Survival Knife are back with Survivalized just in time for their first East Coast tour. Survival Knife’s sound embodies the fierce guitar work of JUSTON TROSPER (UNWOUND) and BRANDT SANDENO, along with the husband/wife team of KRIS and MEG CUNNINGHAM. Think Greg Ginn. Think John Reis. Think guitar rock. Plain and simple. Five songs of unparalleled whoop-ass. Guitar rock in 2014. Admit it. You want it back. Gorgeous front cover artwork by renowned sci-fi illustrator TREVOR CLAXTON. Vinyl only release with download.


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