The Tunnel „Plasma Den” 10″

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„Plasma Den” / „Overland” single by San Francisco band The Tunnel, recorded with Jai Young Kim at Feast or Famine April 2017.

New flesh from the Tunnel, expanding on the primitive darkness of the „Six Curses of the Blackout Witchcave” EP, released earlier this year by the duo of Sam Black (bass/electronics) and Jeff Wagner (guitar/vocals). These two songs are the first to be written and recorded as a trio with new Tunnel drummer Michael Jacobs (pOrch), who transforms the earlier EP’s alien machine beats into a much more inviting, dynamic proposition. „Plasma Den” is a sinuous roller coaster of backbeats and barbed wire, while „Overland” oozes seductive, spidery Giallo dreams.

In addition to the digital single, a limited edition of 250 x 10″/45rpm vinyl with full color jacket art + photo insert will be released Fall 2017.



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