Young Widows „Live Radio Performance” LP

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12″ LP

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During the height of touring on their Old Wounds album, Young Widows were invited to play an on-air show at the WMUC radio station in Maryland. A handful of people were present to witness them deliver the goods, and the kids at the 88.1 FM station recorded the live transmission. Robotic Empire (traveling with the band) promptly swooped in, stole the lone copy of the session, had it professionally mastered, and this is the end result: A killer live LP capturing a powerful trio in their prime element.

„Formed from the remnants of Breather Resist, Louisville, KY’s Young Widows have progressed from their noisy hardcore roots into something truly their own–a sinister, hypnotic rock band with a mind-blowing live show and a stunning attention to detail. With their bone-rattling rhythms and their sprawling wall of matching custom-designed amps, Young Widows kill the fashionably bored and resurrect the evil dead.”



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