Spring 2016. New releases.

with Brak komentarzy

I have to say that this years Spring is going to be a busy one at Antena’s office. After great reception of Hańba! debut album and numerous reviews and indept interviews with the band there will be lots of new releases that we’d like to get your ears on:

d’ (d-prim) CD will be out on Antena with an unique release date 29.02.2016

Super Girl Romantic Boys „Osobno” CD will include their available on vinyl only „Stop/Klatka!” 12″ ep and a bunch of new songs. The whole recording have been remastered to sound even better than the 12″.

Nightclub Fire with their debut, self titled 10″ will bring us to the world of modern posthardcore.


Masala „Ziemia Na Sprzedaż” will be the first Masala’s album available on vinyl

Peru seems to be recording more than ever. Their new releases will include „Krew” 7″ (on preorder now), split 10″ with their German friends Buzz Rodeo and tracks on the live compilation that will be released in April.


Frana and Opiliones will do their first ever release on Antena and that is their split 7″.


Buzz Rodeo is just a couple of weeks from releasing their „Victoria” 7″


Daniel Spaleniak „Back Home” album seems to be the one that you are all waiting for. It’s even better than the debut, so check our preorder.

Alles „Together We Are Alles” will have a promotion video available in a couple of weeks. In the meantime two songs from their 7″ are on youtube.


As mentioned above there will be our first live compilation on vinyl that will include songs by Martim Monitz, Utrata Skład, Firenze, Peru, Phoenix The Devourer and Aporia.